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Water Pollution

What is water pollution?

Water pollution is when waste, chemicals, or other particles cause a body of water (i.e. rivers, oceans, lakes) to become harmful to the fish and animals that need the water to survive. Water pollution can disrupt and negatively impact nature's water cycle as well.

Natural Causes of Water Pollution

Sometimes water pollution can occur through natural causes like volcanoes, algae blooms, animal waste, and silt from storms and floods.

Human Causes of Water Pollution

A lot of water pollution comes from human activity. Some human causes include sewage, pesticides and fertilizers from farms, waste water and chemicals from factories, silt from construction sites, and trash from people littering.

Water pollution and trash

Oil Spills

Some of the most famous incidents of water pollution have been oil spills. One was the Exxon Valdez oil spill which occurred when an oil tanker hit a reef off the coast of Alaska and over 11 million gallons of oil spilled into the ocean. Another bad oil spill was the Deepwater Horizon oil spill when an explosion at an oil well caused over 200 million gallons to spill into the Gulf of Mexico.

Acid Rain

Air pollution can also have a direct effect on water pollution. When particles like sulfur dioxide get high into the air they can combine with rain to produce acid rain. Acid rain can turn lakes acidic, killing fishes and other animals.

Effects on the Environment

Water pollution can have disastrous effects on the environment.
No dumping water pollution sign
Water pollution warning sign

Effects on Health

One of the most precious and important commodities for life on planet Earth is clean water. For over 1 billion people on the planet, clean water is nearly impossible to get. Dirty, polluted water can make them sick and is especially tough on young children. Some bacteria and pathogens in water can make people so sick they can die.

Types of Water Pollutants

There are many sources of water pollution. Here are a few of the major causes: What can you do to help?
Facts About Water Pollution Activities

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