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April 18, 2011

Disney Channel Original Movie Lemonade Mouth to be Released April 15, 2011

Disney Channel is set to release its next big made for TV movie, Lemonade Mouth. This movie will feature Disney Channel stars Bridgit Mendler from Good Luck Charlie and Adam Hicks from Zeke and Luther. The movie is directed by Patricia Riggen and is based on the book of the same name by Mark Peter Hughes.

The story takes place at a Rhode Island High School where five misfit freshmen kids meet in detention. They strike up a friendship and decide to form a rock band. The name of their band is inspired by the school's organic frozen lemonade machine which they try to save in the movie.

The five band members are Olivia, Stella, Wen, Mo, and Charlie. Olivia is the lead singer. She's not sure about the band at first, but gives it a shot because she likes Wen. Stella plays the guitar and the electric ukulele. Mo is a talented violin player, but she ends up playing bass guitar for the band. Wen is the keyboard player and Charlie is the drummer.

Here is the cast and character list for Lemonade Mouth: A soundtrack to the movie will be released on April 12. It will, of course, have a lot of songs by the band Lemonade Mouth. The first single Somebody has already been released and is available on iTunes. We think Bridgit Mendler does a great job on the vocals from what we've heard so far. Adam Hicks has writing credits on three of the songs. We think this is the first time a Disney movie cast member has helped to write a song on a Disney movie. There are also a few songs from the band's school rival in the movie, Mudslide Crush.

Lemonade Mouth was filmed last summer in New Mexico. Depending on how well the movie is received by kids, expect the ensemble cast, especially the five band members, to become the next wave of teen stars. Previous music based movies on Disney Channel, such as High School Musical and Camp Rock, have propelled their cast members to fame.Back to Kids News

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