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Child Health Day

What does Child Health Day celebrate?

Child Health Day is a day to learn and focus on the health of children. It raises awareness of what parents and other adults can do to help improve the health of their children.

When is Child Health Day celebrated?

The first Monday of October.

Who celebrates this day?

This day is an official observance in the United States. It's not an official holiday, but many schools, hospitals, and government agencies observe the day with special programs.

What do people do to celebrate?

The focus of the day is on education of child health. Agencies and schools observe the day with special programs. Programs include education on eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.

Activities for Child Health Day

Here are some things you can do to observe the day:
History of Child Health Day

Child Health Day has been observed in the United States since 1928 under President Calvin Coolidge. Initially the day was observed on May 1st, but was moved to the first Monday in October in 1960.

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Child Health Day

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