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Lego comes out with cool new themes and sets every year. Some of the most popular themes for sets today include:


Exo-Force is a group of humans that are battling evil robots for control of Sentai Mountain. The human pilots don battle armor or battle machines and fight the evil robots. The Exo-Force sets include the Human sets and the Robot sets. The Human sets include the battle armor as well as the minifig of the pilot that fits inside the armor. The robot sets are similar, but the minifig is a robot. Each set of armor has different features and capabilities built into it that make that set unique. There are also scene sets like the Sentai Fortress where you can have battles between the Robots and the Humans.

Lego also has Exo-Force comics and an Exo-Force online game.


Bionicles are robot-like creatures that live on another planet. They are science fiction. The story of Bionicles has evolved over the years. There are both good and bad Bionicles to collect.

Bionicles have been around for several years and have become very popular. There are many generations and variations of Bionicles to collect. Most of the Bionicle sets are of a single Bionicle, but recently Lego has made some minifig Bionicle scene sets.

Here is the list of Bionicle story lines over the past years:

Bionicle has become a full Lego product line unto itself. There are Bionicle books, comics, online games, video games, and full length movies.

Lego Creator:

Lego Creator sets are sets that allow you to make a number of different creations around a similar them. They usually give you directions for several of the creations and then pictures for ideas of several more. For example, the Prehistoric Power Lego Creator set allows you to build 8 different dinosaurs including the T-Rex and Mammoth. You can build one, play with it, break it apart and then build another one. It's kind of like the Lego set that keeps on giving. There are Lego Creator sets of all different sizes and themes. Some additional themes include cars, trucks, robots, insects, flying machines, and buildings.


Lego City sets are for ages 5-12. They have some larger blocks that make them a bit easier and quicker to build and then play with. Lego City has numerous sets of all sorts of elements of the city. There are several types of Lego City sets and each type has multiple sets available. Some examples are Airport (planes, engine mechanics, etc), Emergency (Hospital, Ambulance), Police (Station, Motorcycle), Construction, and Trains.

Superhero - Batman and Spiderman:

Lego has had various superhero sets over the years including Spiderman and Batman. They usually have several different sets designed around different movie scenes. They usually have the latest sidekicks and villains as well. This can be a fun way to combine the challenge and imagination of Lego with the fun and action of superheroes.


Lego Technic sets are a sort of advanced Lego. These sets tend to be trucks, cars, or construction vehicles. They have more gears and moving parts than the average Lego set. They also can have electric motors or pneumatic pieces to motorize portions of the construction. These sets are for older kids with the starting minimum age on the box usually being somewhere between 8 and 11. If you want to take your Lego building and imagination to the next level with cool gears and motorized movement Technic can be a great hobby for you.


Duplo Legos are bigger Lego bricks for young kids ages 2-6. They are easier to build, but can be lots of fun and can inspire the imagination of young Lego builders. There are many fun Duplo Lego sets including Thomas the Tank Engine, Airport, Pirates, and Princess Castle.

Star Wars:

One of the most continuously popular Lego themes is the Star Wars Theme. Some of the biggest and most intricate Lego sets are based around the Star Wars Movies. There are all sorts of Star Wars based sets from small little sets called Star Wars minis to gigantic sets like the Death Star which is 25 inches high and uses over 3000 pieces. Most all of the Star Wars characters are available in the sets as well from Princess Leah to Luck Skywalker to Chewbacca and more. It's great fun to collect all the different space ships, vehicles, characters and scenes from this rich story line.

The Star Wars theme has been so popular that it has also spawned one of the most popular Lego Video game series as well. See the Lego Video Game section.

Knights' Kingdom:

Since Lego was first invented, kids were building castles and having play battles between valiant knights and evil villains. In 2004 Lego started the story line and set series of Knights' Kingdom which around this theme. First there are the fearless Knights: Danju, Jayko, Rascus, and Santus. There is the King Mathias and his arch enemy Lord Vladek. In 2006 Jayko became king and the evil Rogue Knights Dracus and Karzon were introduced. There are many sets available with castles and war machines. The characters are available in minifigs with the scene sets or as larger characters in individual sets. There are also online games, comics, a board game, and more from Lego for the avid Knights' Kingdom fan.


Lego Mindstorms is the highest level of Lego construction. With these sets you basically build robots. The NXT set comes with an "intelligent brick" that has a 32-bit microprocessor; 3 motors; sensors for sound, visual, and light; and more. There are speakers and a display included in the set. You can connect to all of this from your computer via USB or Bluetooth and use the provided software to program your robotic creation to do just about whatever you can imagine. This is a Lego system that is not for the non-technical, but can be a great learning experience and also a very fun and challenging hobby. There is a pretty large and dedicated Lego Mindstorms fan base as well and you can go on line and see what other inventors have created with the Mindstorms products.

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