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Organize and Store Your Lego Pieces

Fun with Lego

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Where can you store and how can you best organize your gigantic Lego brick collection? Here are some ideas:

The Lego Box:

A great place to store your lego bricks is the original box. This is especially helpful for large sets. The boxes usually have a flap that opens and you can just keep the directions and all the bricks in the box. You also don't have to label the box and it's a good way to keep your sets together and organized.

In plastic tubs:

Many stores like Target or Walmart sell organizational tubs of different colors. This way you can store your pieces by color. They also have the plastic drawers that you can label and store various pieces of different colors in. This type of storage is good for the extra pieces or the generic pieces that don't belong to a particular set.

Plastic bags:

If you really want to consolidate and don't have a lot of space. You can put each set or color type of bricks into a ziplock bag and then story the bags in a box or some of the plastic tubs mentioned above.

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