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Fun with Lego

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Lego Software:

Lego has some great software to assist you in making Lego creations. Some of the software is available for purchase and some is free to download.

One of the free software programs from Lego is the Lego Digital Designer. You can download the Lego Digital Designer from the Lego web site:

With this cool program you can design Lego creations on the computer. It allows you choose from virtually any available Lego Bricks and then build and design your own creation in 3D. What's even cooler is then you can then buy the bricks online. The software will automatically tell you how much all the bricks in your design are, you can automatically order them online, and then they come complete in a Lego box to your door. How cool is that? There is also a "check price" button to click as you do your design to make sure you don't go over your budget. Lego Digital Designer has support for both the PC and the Mac. There is animation support, sound effects, minifigs, and decorated bricks in the software. You can also search the Lego gallery and download other people's creations. Then you can alter them to your tastes or use pieces of their design for your own creation.

Lego Video Games:

Lego has tons of online games to play. They can be found at:

Lego also has had a number of video games for the PC and popular game consoles that have characters that look like Lego minifigs and are based around various Lego themes.

One of the most popular game series has been the Lego Star Wars games. These games have minifig characters you can play of just about every character from all 6 Star Wars movies. You can even combine characters in the 2nd game. The game takes you through the plot line of the movies and has lots of puzzles and various forms of game play.

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