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Jacob's Lego Creations

Fun with Lego

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This page is a fun Lego fan page. It will show some of Jacob's famous Lego creations. Jacob is a third grader who has been a Lego fan for as long as he can remember. Jacob likes all kinds of Lego's, but his favorite right now are Bionicles.

Kongu's Bionicle Hideout

Kongu's Bionicle Hideout was created when the piraka (per-rock-a) built their stronghold. So Kongu figured he needed his own Bionicle stronghold. This bionicle hideout is in a secret spot deep in the jungle. It is guarded by the powerful bionicle Rahi (rah-ee) beast with four legs and a powerful tail. The hideout was discovered when the bionicle Jaller forgot to turn on the force field before he left. As a result, the bionicle piraka destroyed it and the rahi beast ran away.

Lego spider

The Three Bionicle Beasts of Voya-nui

Once on the Bionicle island of Voya-nui nine bionicles were having a party. Suddenly the Mask of Life that Hakan had landed in the lava. All the bionicles went after the precious artifact. When they came out, they were combined into three Rahi (rah-ee) beasts. If you should travel to Voya-nui you will still find the three bionicle beasts at the center of the volcano. Now they guard the Mask of Life.

three bionicles

The Story of the Ultimate Lego Knight

Before the Lego Knight became a Lego Knight he was a normal kid. Suddenly, out of nowhere a red Lego mask appeared. The Lego kid put the mask on and turned into a powerful Lego Knight. He is so powerful he can shoot lightning out of his sword! Unfortunately, he died 20 years after he turned into a Lego Knight in a fierce battle with the evil Lego knight named Kafu.

bionicle combo

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