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Factory System

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The factory system was a new way of making products that began during the Industrial Revolution. The factory system used powered machinery, division of labor, unskilled workers, and a centralized workplace to mass-produce products.

Lowell Mills: An Early Factory in Massachusetts
(1850) by Sidney & Neff
What was there before the factory system?

Before the factory system products were made one at a time by individual workers. The work was generally performed at a small workshop or at home. As machinery became larger and more expensive, factories formed where business owners purchased the machines and hired workers to run them.

What makes up the factory system?

The factory system of the Industrial Revolution introduced new ways of making products. Products could be made cheaper, faster, and in larger volume. Some of the key characteristics of the factory system include:
Woman and Children Workers

During the Industrial Revolution, women and children became an important part of the workforce. At first, this was because they would work for low pay compared to men. Often the working conditions were poor and dangerous. Eventually laws were passed to outlaw child labor.

Changes in Society

The factory system had a large impact on society. Before the factory system, most people lived on farms in the countryside. With the formation of large factories, people began to move to the cities. Cities grew larger and sometimes became overcrowded. This movement from a rural society to an urban society created a dramatic shift in the way people lived.

Interesting Facts about the Factory System

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History >> Industrial Revolution

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