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Wii Sports

Wii Tennis is great fun, especially a two person game against friends.

You basically swing your Wii-mote at the tennis ball to hit it over the net and in your opponent's court. Just like in real tennis, it matters if you swing a forehand or a backhand swing, so preparing your Wii-mote to swing at the tennis ball helps a lot.

First off, the best way to get better at the Wii sports tennis game is to practice. Using the Wii Tennis Training you can work on timing your swing, returning balls, and targeting the ball. Just like any game, practicing your Wii Tennis makes perfect.

Next is to get a great serve. To hit a really hard tennis serve (and you'll know it when you hit it), you must hit the ball at its peak. This takes practice, but it's worth it. If you can get the hard serve most of the time in Wii Tennis, you will win most of your service games.

Wii Tennis

When you swing your tennis racquet makes a difference. Assuming you are right handed, if you forehand swing the Wii-mote early the ball will go to the left, if you swing it later the ball will go to the right. Swing the Wii-mote too early, or too late and you will either miss the tennis ball or hit it out of bounds.

Hitting the tennis ball at the net can help too. If you can hit the ball with the front player quickly, you can often take your opponent off-guard or hit the ball with enough angle that they cannot hit it back.

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