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Wii Sports Boxing Game

Wii Sports

Boxing is the one Wii Sports game that requires the nunchuck. You hold the Wii-mote in one hand and the nunchuck in the other. Then you punch like there's no tomorrow….well, not really. There is some skill to getting really good at Wii boxing. Like all sports, the more you practice, the better boxer you will be.

There is both offense (punching) and defense (blocking and dodging).

Wii Boxing Defensive moves

Wii Sports Boxing Screenshot

Wii Boxing punches

When punching you can throw jabs (straight on punches), hooks (wide punches), and upper cuts (punches from down low).

Tip: If you keep your defense up and dodge a hard punch at the last second, Wii Boxing will slow down and you can throw a hard counter punch.

Tip: You can't knock someone out with a jab. No matter how low their life is, you will have to use one of the heavier punches (hook, upper cut, counter punch) to knock them out.

Tip: Practice combinations of the various punches until you get one you are good at.

Other Wii Boxing notes: If you beat the best boxer (Max) you get silver gloves.

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