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Math in Outer Space Game

About the Game

This unique game is a great way to practice your math skills and get faster at performing addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication operations. It is also lots of fun as you do battle in outer space with math and can move up levels gaining new upgrades to your space ship.

** This game has issues when running on the Safari Browser. We are trying to fix it.


In order to play the game you click on the floating numbers that correspond to the equations on the lower part of the screen. Click the correct numbers as fast as you can in order to shoot down the enemy ships.

You can click on any number that is an answer to one of the equations. They do not need to be in any order.

If you click a number that is not a correct answer, you will lose some health. Once all your health is gone, the game is over.


As you get higher and higher scores you will get to higher levels. Each level will give you special upgrades to your ship making you stronger and helping you to survive in later levels.

Other features:

You can drag multiple answers together by holding down your mouse in order to create a combination. The game saves your high score and level on your computer so you can come back and play later.

Good luck and enjoy the game!

Note: This game uses a cookie placed on your computer to keep track of your high score and level. You can disable or opt-out of cookies for your browser if you like by following these instructions.

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