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Hangman Geography

How to Play

First select a continent. All of the answers will have something to do with the geography of the continent. It could be a country, ocean, sea, lake, river, mountain range, city, or landmark from that continent.

Now you should see the blanks for the answer.

Start guessing letters by clicking on a letter.

If you guess a letter wrong, then part of the hangman will be drawn in.

Keep guessing, but remember that the answers will be geography based.

To begin or restart the game
Click on one of the subjects below
Example: "Africa"

Your Game will begin after the ad ----
Game tips: To win the game: Finish filling in the word before the hangman is fully drawn.

Good luck!!!

Be sure to check out our Geography section to learn more about these continents and their countries. More Geography Games: Games >> Geography Games

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