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Albert Einstein

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Overview and Interesting Facts

Albert Einstein is considered one of the most important scientists in world history. His discoveries changed the course of modern physics establishing the field of relativity and also contributing in the area of quantum mechanics. He is most famous for his Theory of General Relativity and the equation "E=mc2."

Portrait of Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Author: Orren Jack Turner

Einstein was born in Germany in 1879 where he grew up and attended grade school. He later moved to Switzerland where he attended university. After gaining fame for his "Miracle Year" papers, he eventually returned to Germany as a professor until Hitler gained power in 1933. As a Jew, Einstein could no longer safely live in Germany so he moved to the United States where he remained until his death in 1955.

Having lived through two world wars, Einstein was a pacifist who cared deeply about preventing war in the future. Although his discoveries led to the creation of the nuclear bomb, Einstein fought to have nuclear weapons eliminated. Einstein was also passionate about civil rights, individualism, and the protection of freedom throughout the world.

Albert Einstein standing in front of chalkboard
Albert Einstein lecture, 1921
Author: Ferdinand Schmutzer

Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein
Einstein and Charlie Chaplin
Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin, 1931
Source: Photoplay magazine

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Albert Einstein Biography Contents
  1. Overview
  2. Growing up Einstein
  3. Education, the Patent Office, and Marriage
  4. The Miracle Year
  5. Theory of General Relativity
  6. Academic Career and Nobel Prize
  7. Leaving Germany and World War II
  8. More Discoveries
  9. Later Life and Death
  10. Albert Einstein Quotes and Bibliography
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