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Great Vacations:
Kids and Families

There are a lot of fun places to go and great things to do on vacation.  Whether you like vacations with thrill rides, relaxing on the beach, or outdoors; there is something for you.  Here are Ducksters top 10 fun vacation ideas and destinations for kids and families:

1) Disney World or Disney Land

This is still the classic family dream vacation for many kids.  Both Disney World and Disney Land have something for just about everyone.  To find out more about a Disney vacation, try the following links:

2) The Beach

Swimming, surfing, sand castles, flying a kite, and relaxing in the sun; the beach is always a family favorite vacation.

3) Skiing

Need a break in the middle of winter, but don't feel like traveling south the beach?  Try a skiing vacation.  A great way to get exercise and a fun experience for the whole family.

4) Europe

Seeing Europe can be a fun and educational vacation.  A once in a life time experience for many Americans.

5) Cruise

A cruise vacation offers something for everyone in your family.  From great food to relaxing sunsets to lost of great activities.  Also a good idea for a family reunion  (nobody has to cook).

6) Caribbean Islands

A great choice in the middle of winter to get a break from the snow and the cold.

7) Camping/Backpacking

To get away from it all, try a camping trip.  If you are more adventurous try backpacking.  See nature up close, get exercise, and get far away from the hustle and bustle.

8) Other Theme Parks (Universal Studios and Sea World)

Theme parks for the older kids. The rides are little bit scarier, but maybe more fun.

9) Hanging out at home

This sounds boring, but there's often a lot to do near your home that you just don't have time to check out.  Take a vacation and stay home.  Have a good time without the hassle of travel.

10) New York City

New York City is the only city that made our vacation list.  A trip to New York can be loads of fun.  Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, check out a Broadway Show, go to the top of the Empire State Building, see the Statue of Liberty and more.

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