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MPAA Rating: PG (some rude and suggestive humor, and language)
Director: Frank Coraci
Release Date: July 8, 2011
Movie Studio: Columbia Pictures


Zookeeper the movie with Kevin James

About the movie:

Kevin James plays dedicated zookeeper Griffin Keyes. Griffin loses his girlfriend because she doesn't like what he does for a living. He gets the chance to win her back, but he thinks he needs to get a new job and leave the zoo. The animals, however, think otherwise. It turns out that animals can talk and they reveal this secret to Griffin. Then they work to help him win back his girlfriend. Of course, all sorts of funny stuff happens with the animals and Griffin. Will Griffin get his girlfriend back?

The movie was released to DVD on October 11, 2011. The movie was produced by Kevin James and Adam Sandler.


This was a sort of funny and entertaining film. The humor and crude and immature, but it is a kid's movie. Parts are very funny, but other scenes are just crude. It was okay.

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