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MPAA Rating: PG (mild off color humor )
Director: Carlos Saldanha
Release Date: April 15, 2011
Movie Studio: 20th Century Fox


Rio Movie Poster

About the movie:

Rio is a animated film that tells the story of Blu, a Macaw from Brazil. Blu is a pet Macaw bird who lives in Minnesota and can't fly. He ends up taking a trip to Rio with his owner where he meets other Macaws. He has all sorts of funny adventures meeting different birds. He falls in love with a Macaw named Jewel and gets captured by birdnappers.

Director Carlos Saldanha directed the first three Ice Age movies as well as Robots. In his original concept for the movie the main character was going to be a penguin who ended up in Rio. However, then Happy Feet was released and he changed the character to a Macaw. The movie was very popular world wide with a total box office gross of nearly $500 million.

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