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Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer

MPAA Rating: PG (mild rude humor and language)
Director: John Schultz
Release Date: June 10, 2011
Movie Studio: Relativity Media


Judy Moody Movie Poster

About the movie:

The movie centers around 3rd grade imaginative girl Judy Moody. She is ready for a great summer. However, her parents go to California leaving her to be babysat by her Aunt Opal. At first Judy is bummed out, but it turns out that her crazy aunt is a lot of fun. Judy ends up in a contest where she gets Thrill Points for doing fun and interesting things over the summer. The movie shows Judy trying to win the Thrill Point contest.

The movie was based on the popular Judy Moody kid's book series by Megan McDonald. Critics generally did not like this movie. Many said it may be entertaining for some children, but is not one of those kid's movies that adults will enjoy.

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