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July 6, 2011

Researchers Compile List of Top 5 Ways to Reduce Kids Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Parents and kids will be interested to know about the list that Canadian researchers compiled regarding the top 5 precautions parents can take to reduce the risk of exposing their kids to harmful chemicals. The list was put together by the Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment, which is a group of organizations that have expertise in children's health, the environment, and public health.

Here is the list:
  1. Dusting - topping the list was dusting. In the report the researchers said that dust is a "major source of children's exposures to toxic substances including lead". Who would have thought that just by dusting your house with a cloth or mop, you can significantly reduce the chance your child will be exposed to toxic chemicals?
  2. Green cleaning supplies - Surprisingly enough, some everyday cleaning supplies have chemicals that can be harmful to young kids. By using non-toxic green supplies, the exposure to chemicals can be reduced.
  3. Protection when Renovating - A lot of dust and chemicals are released into the air when making renovations. By taking measures to reduce the dust by sealing off the area being renovated, your children will be safer.
  4. Beware of plastic - The less plastic used when storing or preparing food the better. This especially applies when microwaving food. The experts suggest not to microwave food in plastic even if it says "microwave safe".
  5. Only eat low-mercury fish - It's best to try and only eat fish that are low in mercury. You may need to do your own research to find out what is best where you live. The experts suggested the following: Atlantic mackerel, herring, rainbow trout, wild or canned salmon and tilapia.
As you can see, taking just a few steps in your daily lives can help reduce the risk of you and your kids getting exposed to toxic chemicals. You can read more about the study and see the CPCHE's brochure on the subject at

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