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September 12, 2011

Remembering the Heroes of 9/11

Sunday was the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It was a day to honor and remember those who were killed in terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.


There were several memorials held throughout the nation. President Barak Obama and former President George Bush both attended a ceremony held at Ground Zero in New York City. President Obama spoke and quoted Psalm 46 from the Bible. Family members of people who lost their lives read the names of those who died in the attack.

It was the first day that the Ground Zero Memorial was open to the public. President Obama also visited memorials at the Pentagon and the fields near Shanksville, PA where the other attacks took place.

Twin Towers
The Twin Towers before the attack (the two tall buildings).
They were completely destroyed.

Each of the NFL football games also had a memorial held before the game to remember those who had died. At the Jets game on Sunday night, first responders (firemen and police) carried out a giant US flag that covered the field during the singing of the national anthem.

Ceremonies were even held outside of the country. In England the Prince of Wales spoke at a ceremony held outside the US embassy.

What was 9/11?

9/11 refers to a number of terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. Four commercial passenger jets were hijacked by an Islamic terrorist group called al-Qaeda. They took control of the planes and used them as bombs to murder innocent people.

Remembering the Victims and Heroes

Over 3,000 people were killed on 9/11. All were innocent people. Some were people at work and many who died were the fire fighters, police, and other emergency workers who helped to save many lives. These people are called First Responders. They are the first people on the scene of an emergency to help save lives. They were able to save the lives of thousands of people that day. Many of them gave their own lives trying to save others.

We Remember

At Ducksters we would like to say that our thoughts and prayers are still with the family members of those who lost loved ones during the attacks. We also thank those brave men and women who raced to the scene to help others. You are truly heroes and you will not be forgotten.

Sphere from Ground Zero
The Sphere served as a temporary memorial in New York

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