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September 1, 2006

Back to School is coming!!!

Kids everywhere are gearing up for back to school. Most kids will certainly miss summer fun filled with vacations, sleeping in, playing all day, and going to the pool. However, many kids are excited about getting back to school to see their friends and get involved in the new year's school activities like sports, drama, chess club, and more.

To get ready for school kids are out shopping for back to school clothes and other items. Popular items include a cool new backpack, a special outfit for the first day, or new shoes as many feet have outgrown last years shoes over the summer. Most kids have a list from their school of items like pencils, note pads, and other stuff they need. If you haven't gotten yours, yet, be sure to check with your mom or dad to see if they have the list.

Jacob, a third grader, says "I hope some of my friends are in my new class. I can't wait to see my friends, but I sure will hate having to get up early again." Erika, a rising first grader, has a different take on back to school. She said "I just can't wait. I love school. I hope I get a cool teacher."

Kids and parents throughout the nation are nervous and excited over the coming school year. Either way, just be sure to study hard, listen to your teachers, and most of all…. have fun!

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