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Stamp Collecting

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Getting started on a new stamp collection can be exciting and fun. There are a number of ways to start getting stamps. First be sure to ask your family and friends to save the stamps they get on incoming mail. They can just save the whole envelope for you or they can cut out the stamp portion for you. Be sure to have them cut all the way around the stamp so they don't bend or cut the stamp. Also, ask them if they have any old letters that might still be in envelopes that they have saved. Maybe an old love letter or a postcard from a vacation. These can be some of the most interesting stamps you'll come across.

Buying Stamps

You can also jump start your collection by buying a packet of stamps. All sorts of packages are available at online web stores or at a stamp dealer. You can usually get the best deal by buying a large starter package of stamps.

You can also get a catalogue of stamps. By looking through the catalogue, you can start to see what kinds of stamps you like and would like to collect. Your tastes may change over time, but some people like to collect stamps from certain countries or from a period in history or animal stamps, celebrity stamps, presidents stamps, etc. One of the cool things about stamps is that there are so many types and ways to collect them. You can find your own favorites and collect those.

Where to Store Your Stamps

Next you will need a place to keep your stamps. There are two main ways to store your stamps: Stock sheets (stock books) or Stamp Albums. Stock Books hold stock sheets. Each stock sheet has a plastic or glassine cover that holds the stamp in place, but also allows you to see the stamps. The stamps can then be easily moved around and reorganized as needed. Stamp Albums are usually pre-printed. So you put the stamp on it's preprinted area. There is often information or a caption about the stamp on the page. Magnifying glass for Stamps

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