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Scrapbooking has become a very popular hobby in the United States over the past 10 years or so. If you're a mom who enjoys scrapbooking, you've probably had your kids show some interest in your albums. Well, maybe you can get them started at scrapbooking too. It can be a great way for kids to learn basic arts and craft skills. Of course, you will want to start out simple, keep things safe, and help them along.

Getting Started

The first you will want to do is gather some supplies:

Supplies You Will Need

Adhesive - Spend some time considering the best type of adhesive to use. Usually the best adhesive to use is a photo tab dispenser. Tab dispensers use small squares or rectangles of double sided tape. You put one on each corner of a picture and it should hold quite well. As long as the child can use the dispenser these are great as they are not messy and kids aren't getting glue everywhere. You may need to help at first.

Scrapbook - One of the most fun things to do will be picking out the scrapbook. Let the child get involved in picking it out. This will get them excited about the whole project. Pick out an album that is manageable for kids. Some are easier to use than others. Try an 8x8 post bound scrapbook and see how that works.

Refill Pages - Grab some refill pages when you buy the scrapbook. It's always good to have these on hand, this way if they make a mistake they can try again. However, let them know that some mistakes are just fine.

Pens - Get some fun colored journal pens for your kids to write with.

Safety Scissors - You know your children and what they can handle. Certainly any young children should use safety scissors or the parent should do the cutting for them.

Other - Card stock, patterned papers, other items that are special to your kids.

scrapbook stamp

Especially For Kids

Tote bag - A fun thing to try with your kids is to put all their scrapbooking supplies in a special tote bag just for them. This way they can get out their bag and supplies and sit down next to you to work on their scrapbook when they want. It also helps to keep their supplies separate from yours. This way they know what stuff they can and can't use.

Mistakes - We tend to want everything to look perfect. However, let your kids decide what they like. Sometimes mistakes or misspellings can be your favorite part of memories when looking back years from now.

Vacations - A great subject to scrapbook is vacations. Kids can collect items throughout the vacation that they would like to add into their scrapbook. Things like tickets, brochures, receipts, post cards, and photos are all great items to add into the scrapbook.

Writing - Writing captions and descriptions in the scrapbook can also help with creative writing. Help them out some, but encourage them to come up with their own ideas. By writing in their scrapbook they can improve their grammar, spelling, and penmanship. Bubble quote stickers are often a favorite for kids while doing this.

Pockets - Add in library pocket cards or envelopes where kids can store stuff that is special to them.

Stamps - Kids love stamps! Of course a parent will need to supervise to some extent.

Have Fun

Remember there is no wrong way or right way to scrapbook. This aspect can be one of the most fun for kids. Let them use their imaginations and have fun!

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