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Types of Cameras

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There are two main types of cameras, the digital camera and the film camera:

1) Digital cameras - These cameras use pixels to record the image and store it onto a memory card like Compact Flash, Secure Digital, or xD card. The picture can then be downloaded and stored on a computer to be viewed or printed later. Prints can be made on a local printer, a local photography service, or even over the web.

Digital cameras are fast becoming the most popular type of cameras. The ease of use and the immediate feedback of being able to see the picture on the camera's screen are a big reason why. Also, digital cameras allow for mistakes. So you can take a picture, look at the screen, and, if you don't like it, delete it and take another. This is great for kids just learning how to take pictures. You can snap away and then see what pictures you like and delete the ones you don't like.
Digital camera memory card
Digital cameras vary in features. Key features include:

Number of pixels: The more pixels the higher the resolution of picture the camera will take. Keep in mind that each pixel takes up a certain amount of memory, so the more pixels and the higher the resolution, the more memory it will take to store the picture.

Zoom: Digital cameras usually have some sort of zoom where the camera can act like a telescope. Digital cameras often have both digital and optical zoom. Optical zoom is where the camera uses optics, like a telescope, to enlarge the picture. In a digital zoom, the camera is enlarging the picture by using less pixels per inch. So digital zoom is sort of a fake zoom in that it's really just blowing up the picture like you would on your computer, but the resolution is lower. Optical zoom is considered the better zoom and should be how you judge the camera.

The digital medium also allows easy sharing of photos over the internet and via web sites. This can be lots of fun to share your photos with friends and relatives.

2) Film cameras - Film cameras record the light image onto film of different types. The film must then be developed into negatives and the image processed onto photographic paper, usually by a processing company, however, some people do their own developing of pictures at home.

Film cameras are often used by professional photographers. Some feel that film gives them the best quality photographs.

The quality of film cameras varies greatly from thousands of dollars for a high end professional camera to just a few dollars for a disposable camera. Once you've decided on the type of camera and the price range you can afford, be sure to read reviews of the best rated cameras in the price range you are looking for. You will want to try them out for yourself as well to see which works best for you.

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