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Basic Camera Features

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Regardless of the type of camera (digital or film) there are features to cameras that allow the photographer to adjust the light and, therefore, the image that is taken by the camera.

Many cameras are called "point and shoot". These cameras allow the photographer to just point the camera at the subject and snap the picture. They automatically adjust the parameters of the camera to take a good picture.
Camera Lens Filter
As you learn more about cameras and photography, you will want to try different settings to get different effects on the photo. At this point you will either need to put your "point and shoot" camera into manual mode or get a camera with more sophisticated features. All of these features become inter-related and it's how you combine them that make your photo special and unique.

Some of the camera features that allow the photographer to alter the photo include:

  • Aperture of the lens - The aperture of the lens is how big the hole is that the light goes through. You can adjust this in many cameras. The aperture for a camera is usually adjusted by an f-stop. The lower the f-stop the bigger the hole. A wide aperture can be good when you want a fast shutter speed, but have a low light photo. The aperture setting determines the depth of field or how much of the photo is in focus. A big aperture will cause a narrow depth of field. So you can focus the camera in on your subject and the background of the photo will be out of focus.
Photo showing depth of field

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