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The History of Coins

Coin Collecting

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Coins in some form have been around for at least 3000 years and probably longer. Coins have been used by many different ancient civilizations as a way of trade. Valuable ancient coins include coins from ancient Rome, Greece, the Persian Empire, and the Byzantine Empire.

Ancient Roman Coin

Coins and the history of coins can tell a lot about a culture's history by the way the coin was made, the metals used, and the art or figures on the coin's face.

In the United States the dollar was set as the standard monetary unit by the US coin act in 1792. The first silver dollar was minted in 1794. Since then numerous different coins have been minted in the US including high dollar gold coins. Some commemorative gold coins are still minted in a small unmarked mint hidden in West Point. It is estimated that this mint also contains billions of $'s in gold bullion!

Coin collecting as a hobby or study is thought to be more of a modern hobby. Certainly kings and wealthy people throughout history have gathered coins as wealth, but the study of coins and collecting them for their historic value has only thought to have been around for the last four to five hundred years.

In recent years, the tools for protecting and storing coins have been greatly improved. Also, the grading of coins has gotten significantly better with professional grading services, but collectors should still be wary of counterfeit coins or poor grading services.

Coin collecting is a very popular hobby throughout the world today.

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