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Coin Collecting

Getting Started Collecting Coins

Coin Collecting

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It's easy to get started collecting coins. The first place to look is in your pocket and your piggy bank. Next check your parent's change (be sure to ask them first!) for cool and interesting coins. After you've exhausted the coins around your house, you can start checking with relatives. Grandparents are a great place to get coins. They may have some from a trip or maybe they have an old coin collection they are willing to share with you. Keep in mind that some of these coins may be very valuable or have special memories. Don't be upset if they don't want to just give them to you, but its okay to ask.

Handle Coins at the edge

Coin Collecting Equipment

You will want to get a good magnifier so you can see the details of your coins. You will also want to get a good coin reference book. The reference book should have coin information like dates, prices, grading guidelines, mintmarks, and coin varieties.

Next you will need a place to store and display your coin collection. There are lots of storage items available for storing your coins. Most of them will work for most collections, but if you have particularly valuable coins you will want to use an airtight holder made specifically for coins. Some valuable coins will come enclosed in a special holder. If this is the case, don't remove the coin from the holder.

Some people store their coins in special envelopes or even in jars. This is probably the simplest way to organize and store your coins. Another option is to buy folders or albums that have slots where you can store your coins. This is an easy way to see your coins and browse through them. There are also hard plastic holders that offer good protection for your coins. The key to storing your coins is to make sure you have good protective storage for your valuable coins that is designed specifically for coins (so it doesn't have chemicals that will hurt your coins).

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