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The Monroe Doctrine

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President James Monroe introduced the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. The doctrine established the foreign policy of the United States regarding the Western Hemisphere for many years to come.

Portrait of Monroe
President James Monroe
by William James Hubbard
What did the Monroe Doctrine say?

The Monroe Doctrine had two major points.

1) That the United States would not allow European countries to start new colonies or to interfere with independent countries in the continents of North America or South America.
2) That the United States would not interfere with existing European colonies nor get involved with conflicts between European countries.

Why did President Monroe establish this new doctrine?

Many countries in South America had just gained their independence from European empires such as Spain and Portugal. At the same time, with the defeat of Napoleon in Europe, President Monroe was afraid that European nations would once again try to establish power in the Americas. Monroe wanted to let Europe know that the United States would not allow the European monarchies to regain power in the Americas.

Effects of the Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine had a long lasting impact on the foreign policy of the United States. Presidents throughout history invoked the Monroe Doctrine when intervening in foreign affairs in the Western Hemisphere. Here are some examples of the Monroe Doctrine in action. Interesting Facts About the Monroe Doctrine

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History >> US History before 1900

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