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Wallis and Futuna

Country of Wallis and Futuna Flag

Capital: Mata-Utu (on Ile Uvea)

Population: 11,432

Brief History of Wallis and Futuna:

Wallis and Futuna is a French Overseas Territory. It is an island group in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands were first discovered by the Dutch in 1616. The French were the first to settle on the islands and laid claim to the islands in 1842 as a protectorate. They took control of Wallis and Futuna over the next 40 years. US troops occupied the islands during World War II. They became an overseas territory in 1961.

Country of Wallis and Futuna Map

The Geography of Wallis and Futuna

Total Size: 274 square km

Size Comparison: 1.5 times the size of Washington, DC

Geographical Coordinates: 13 18 S, 176 12 W

World Region or Continent: Oceania

General Terrain: volcanic origin; low hills

Geographical Low Point: Pacific Ocean 0 m

Geographical High Point: Mont Singavi 765 m

Climate: tropical; hot, rainy season (November to April); cool, dry season (May to October); rains 2,500-3,000 mm per year (80% humidity); average temperature 26.6 degrees C

Major cities:

The People of Wallis and Futuna

Type of Government: NA

Languages Spoken: Wallisian 58.9% (indigenous Polynesian language), Futunian 30.1%, French 10.8%, other 0.2% (2003 census)

Independence: none (overseas territory of France)

National Holiday: Bastille Day, 14 July (1789)

Nationality: Wallisian(s), Futunan(s), or Wallis and Futuna Islanders

Religions: Roman Catholic 99%, other 1%

National Symbol: red saltire (Saint Andrew's Cross) on a white square on a red field

National Anthem or Song: note:?as a territory of France, La Marseillaise is official (see France)

Economy of Wallis and Futuna

Major Industries: copra, handicrafts, fishing, lumber

Agricultural Products: breadfruit, yams, taro, bananas; pigs, goats; fish

Natural Resources: NEGL

Major Exports: copra, chemicals, construction materials

Major Imports: chemicals, machinery, passenger ships, consumer goods

Currency: Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique franc (XPF)

National GDP: $60,000,000

** Source for population (2012 est.) and GDP (2011 est.) is CIA World Factbook.

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