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War Rules and Gameplay

War is a simple, but fun card game that can be played with a standard 52 card deck. It's great while traveling. The game doesn't involve a lot of strategy and the rules are fairly easy to learn.

Starting the Game of War

To set up the game, just deal all the cards evenly among 2 players face down.

Rules of War

During each turn, or battle, both players turn over the top card in their pile. The player with the higher card wins and gets to add both cards to the bottom of their stack. Cards are ranked with 2 being the lowest and the Ace being the highest:


When each player turns over the same card, this is a tie and a "War" begins. The next three cards from each player's pile are moved to the center pile and then the next card is turned over. The higher ranked card wins and the player gets all the cards. In the case of another tie, another war starts. This continues until someone wins and gains all the cards.

A player wins when he/she has all the cards.

If a player does not have enough cards for a war, including the three face down cards, then that player may turn over their last card as the war card. If they win, they gain the cards in the middle and stay in the game.

Variations of the Game of War

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