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About the Game

Unblock It is a fun and challenging puzzle game. The goal of the game is to move the red colored block to the right and off the screen.

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Starting the Game

Start the game by pressing the game controller button at the bottom of the game.

Select a level you want to play. When you first start, the only level that is unlocked will be level 1.

Playing the Game

To play the game you move the blocks around with your mouse. Place your mouse over a block and drag the block to where you want it to go. Some blocks can only be moved up or down. Other blocks can only be moved left or right.

Move the blocks around until the light brown blocks no longer block the red block from moving to the right. Keep moving the blocks until you can move the red block all the way to the right. Once you have moved the red block off the screen to the right, you have won that level.

Levels and Star Scoring

The game has 48 levels. When you win a level the next level is unlocked.

Depending on how few moves you used to solve a level, you will get a star score from one to three stars. The fewer moves you make, the more stars you get.

Have fun playing the game. Try and see if you can get three stars on all 48 levels. Good luck!

Note: This game uses a Flash "local shared object" (like a cookie) placed on your computer to keep track of the levels and score. You can disable the shared object if you like following these instructions.

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