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Mini Golf World

About the Game

The object of the game is to get the golf ball in the hole with as few of strokes possible.

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To hit the ball: Click on the ball and pull it back in the opposite direction you want it to go. The ball will move in the direction of the arrow.

Move your mouse around to point the arrow in the direction you want the ball to go.

The force that the golf ball will be struck is determined by how full the arrow is. The more full the arrow, the harder the ball will be struck.

Release the left clicker on the mouse to strike the ball.

Continue shooting the ball until it goes into the hole. The fewer the strokes the higher the score.

Tip: Hitting the ball harder is not always better.

Tip: Take a look at the entire miniature golf hole before you take your first shot.

Tip: Plan ahead and think about your next shot.

This game should work on all platforms including safari and mobile (we hope, but make no guarantees).

Games >> Sports Games

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