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Mario Kart for Wii

Even though Mario Kart racing video game for Wii was released in April 2008, it is still one of the most fun and interactive games we've ever played.

Mario Kart is a pure racing game. You race other players and other Mario characters on a variety of tracks. The game comes with a steering wheel that you insert into your Wii-mote which makes the game feel even more like you are driving a car. Note: you don't have to use the steering wheel, but it's fun.

Choose your car and Character

The game lets you choose your characters and car before you race. You choose your character from a large variety of traditional Nintendo characters including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Daisy and more. Different characters have different skills, so choose carefully! Next, depending on the character you've picked, you choose your racer. Each character has different race cars they can choose from which can vary from small motorcycles to cars the size of tanks. Different racers have different attributes. Some are faster, some accelerate better, and some are easier to steer. Part of the fun of the game is trying out different characters and cars to see which combination works best for you.


There are several different racing modes or games you can play with Mario Kart. The main one is called Grand Prix. This is where you race against your friends and the computer for a "cup" or prize. To win the cup you must have the most points over four different race courses. When you first start the game there are four different cups to choose from (each with 4 courses). By winning races you can unlock another four cups. Once you unlock them all, the total number of courses is 32, which is a lot of different types of racing and adventure. You also get to choose between 3 different difficulty levels of racing based on the power or size of the engine.

Racing each other in this game is extremely fun and competitive. You can run into boxes which can give you all sorts of fun items to use from dropping a banana for your friend to run over (and crash!) to items that make you go faster to a storm cloud that makes everyone else small and slow. These items make the game much more exciting and interesting.

Other Game Stuff

Mario Kart can be played online, too. This allows you to race against friends over the internet or even race against people from the other side of the world.

Mario Kart is rated E for Everyone.

The game is also available on DS.

Overall Review

We love Mario Kart for Wii. It's a fun interactive game that is best when played with friends or the whole family.

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