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Kirby's Epic Yarn for Nintendo Wii

Kirby's Epic Yarn was released by Nintendo on October 17, 2010 for the Wii game console. The game is rated E for Everyone and may be one of the best Games released in 2010.

The Game's Storyline

At the start of the game Kirby is happily living in his world called Dream Land. Soon, however, Kirby sees a delicious red tomato, his favorite food. This tomato turns out to be a trap by a mysterious sorcerer. Kirby gets transported to another world called Patch Land, where he and all the other creatures are made out of yarn and the buildings and lands are made out of different types of cloths and textiles. Kirby quickly finds that he can no longer swallow things whole, but he can transform his yarn made body into different shapes to solve puzzles and fight monsters. Kirby gets together with Prince Fluff, the prince of Patch Land, to fight Yin-Yarn, the evil sorcerer and save Patch Land.

Game Play

The game is a traditional side-scrolling game where you work your way through a level by scrolling along the screen in any direction. There are 50 levels of varying difficulty with all sorts of landscapes, puzzles, and monsters to fight. A good amount of variation in objectives and ways to solve the levels keeps the game engaging. Perhaps the most interesting part of the game play is transforming. Kirby can transform into many shapes, each which has different skills or abilities. Examples include a car, parachute, rocket ship, train, and dolphin. There are also secret levels to find and stronger boss monsters to battle. Best of all the game play is just plain fun.
Kirby looks like hes made of yarn

There are also several mini games included which are well made and quite fun to play.


The graphics for Kirby's Epic Yarn are simple, yet stunning. The game makes great use of yarn to build characters and creatures. The textures and cloths used throughout the game are at the same time cartoon-ish, but visually slick. The graphics keep the game cute, but at the same time, are very high quality and fun to watch. There are various lands that Kirby can explore in the game including water land, treat land, grass land, snow land, and space land.


Kirby's Epic Yarn offers fun game play, interesting graphics, and is suitable for all ages. It's a great game and we highly recommend it.

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