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Epic Mickey for Wii

ESRB rating: E for Everyone

Disney's Epic Mickey video game was released in November 2010. It's an Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy game based on Disney classic characters.

Game Storyline

Mickey Mouse is messing around where he shouldn't and ends up creating a portal to a land where all the old and cancelled Disney characters go. This land is called the Wasteland. Mickey gets stuck in this land and must figure out how to get free. Meanwhile many of the characters in the game don't like Mickey and are jealous of his fame. Mickey must use his magical brush and make wise choices on how he uses it to save himself and keep the evil of the Wasteland from escaping.

Epic Mickey Characters

Mickey's main tool is his paintbrush. With the paintbrush you can paint things or erase them. To erase items you use thinner. You only have so much paint and so much thinner so you need to keep track of your supply. They do both slowly refill and you can get more in certain places, but keeping track of your paint and thinner supplies is part of the game.

Your choices and play style can impact the outcome of the game as well. You can choose what to paint, what to erase, who to ally with, and more. The game will change with your choices.

There are also virtual Disney pins to collect throughout the game. You get these by completing quests as well as finding hidden items.


While the overall graphics (detail, resolution) are just okay, the artistry is beautiful as would be expected from a Disney video game.

Overall Review of Epic Mickey

This is a fun game and will be enjoyed by most. The storyline is perhaps the best part along with the unique use of the paintbrush and the Play Style Matters concept. These features keep the video game from being just another retread and a unique playing experience.

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