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Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country Returns was released for the Nintendo Wii system on November 2010. It's a very popular kid's video game and is based on the traditional Donkey Kong games with a lot of retro elements plus some new enjoyable game features.

Game Storyline

All of the bananas in the jungle are disappearing along with Donkey Kong's private stash! Donkey Kong soon finds that Tikis from the Tiki Tak Tribe are hypnotizing the jungle animals to steal all the bananas. Donkey Kong, together with his friend Diddy Kong set out on adventures to get their bananas back.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Characters Game Play

Game play is a blast with lots of traditional elements. You can play single player and just control Donkey Kong or you can play two player where the second player controls Diddy Kong. Diddy can ride on Donkey's back and has a cool rocket pack that can help him jump further. Donkey has the abilities of Ground Pound, Barrel Roll, Cling, and Blow. Diddy unique abilities include Barrel Jet, Cartwheel Attack, Peanut Popgun, and Popgun Pound

Barrels are a major item in the game. They can be used to throw as weapons, to break open to find goodies, and even to cannon blast you to another area of the game. Another fun feature is Rambi the Rhino, who you can hitch a ride with to help you knock down obstacles and ramble through levels even faster.


The 2.5D graphics are not technically spectacular, but they are visually enjoyable and fun to watch. The art is great and only enhances the fun gameplay.

Overall Review of Donkey Kong Country Returns

We loved this game. It's both entertaining and challenging. It's fun to play solo or with another player controlling Diddy Kong. Lots of interesting elements to keep you coming back for more.

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