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World War II

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  1. Winston ______
  2. This war began shortly after World War II between the Soviet Union and the west
  3. The Nazi police force
  4. The atomic bomb was developed by the ____ Project.
  5. The Americans entered the war when Japan bombed this place
  6. Japanese Americans were forced into ____ camps during the war
  7. World War II began when Germany invaded this country
  8. Leader of the Soviet Union
  9. Benito Mussolini was leader of this country
  10. Hirohito was emperor of this country
  11. Adolf Hitler's title meaning "leader" in German
  12. President who decided to drop the atomic bomb
  13. When millions of Jewish people were killed by the Nazis
  14. Britain, United States, and the Soviet Union


  1. Blitzkrieg means ____ war.
  2. Leader of Germany
  3. Jewish people were put into ____ camps
  4. Germany, Italy, and Japan
  5. This was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  6. The Tripartite ____ was signed by Germany, Italy, and Japan
  7. A picture of marines raising a flag on this Japanese island later became the Marine Corps memorial
  8. US General of the Invasion of Normandy who later became president
  9. The US helped European countries to recover from the war with the _____
  10. Another name for the Invasion of Normandy
  11. Rosie the ___ became a symbol of women working in the factories
  12. US general in charge of the Pacific theater of war
  13. President of the United States during WW2
  14. The war with the Soviet Union was called the Eastern ____ by the Germans
  15. The British ___ Air Force defended against the Germans in the Battle of Britain
  16. The Battle of the ____ was one of the final battles fought on the Western front in Europe
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