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World War I

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  1. This luxury passenger ship was sunk by a German submarine
  2. Country that used the Schlieffen Plan to fight a war on two fronts
  3. Type of government set up by the Bolsheviks after the Russian Revolution
  4. League of _____
  5. David Lloyd ____ was Prime Minister of Great Britain
  6. The Big ___ included the United States, Britain, France, and Italy
  7. Front where the Russians fought the Germans
  8. An unofficial truce happened on this holiday on Western Front
  9. Germany was forced to pay these as punishment for starting the war
  10. Date, time, and month when the fighting ended
  11. Number of points that Wilson tried to make
  12. He led the Russian Revolution
  13. Tsar of the Russian Empire at the start of the war


  1. The Triple _____ was an early alliance between France, Britain, and Russia
  2. Title of the German emperor
  3. These vehicles were used to transport troops through Paris during the First Battle of the Marne
  4. This empire became the country of Turkey after the war
  5. This country entered the war on the side of the Allies in 1917
  6. United States president during World War I
  7. Nickname for a famous German fighter pilot
  8. Much of the fighting on the Western Front was ____ warfare
  9. Germany's main ally was _____- Hungary
  10. This Archduke's assassination sparked the start of World War I
  11. They fought the Axis Powers
  12. This was signed in Versailles, bringing World War I to an end
  13. Name for a German submarine

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