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Westward Expansion

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  1. Land set aside by the government for Native Americans
  2. The Transcontinental _____ connected the east and west of the United States
  3. When people rushed to an area to make their riches from mining it was called a ___ rush
  4. Outlaw ___ the Kid
  5. ____ Express
  6. This type of house needed few building resources other than trees and an axe
  7. Zachary Taylor was a general during the ______-American War
  8. A person who snuck onto land early in Oklahoma to claim land during the land rush
  9. She helped out Lewis and Clark on their expedition
  10. A deserted town was a ____ town
  11. _____ wagons were used on wagon trains for people moving out west
  12. ____ Earp was a famous lawman who stood his ground during the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
  13. A town that grew up overnight usually due to a gold rush
  14. State where the final spike of the Transcontinental Railroad was driven in
  15. These two men explored the Louisiana Territory for Thomas Jefferson


  1. State where gold was found at Sutter’s Mill
  2. A sports competition with events based on the jobs of a cowboy
  3. Nickname for people who moved to California in 1849 to mine for gold
  4. A large territory of land bought by Thomas Jefferson for $15 million from the French
  5. The belief that it was the “destiny” of the United States to expand westward
  6. The ____ Act offered free land to people willing to move out west
  7. With little government in the west it was known later as the ____ West
  8. Two members of the Wild Bunch were Butch Cassidy and the ______ Kid
  9. Children of the frontier had lots of these to do like milking cows and feeding the chickens
  10. A popular trail used by wagon trains heading west
  11. A nickname for a person who carried a gun in the Wild West
  12. Daniel _____ explored and settled the land of Kentucky
  13. A nickname for a ranch hand who rode horses and worked with cattle
  14. Prospectors would ___ for gold in rivers and streams
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