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United States Government

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  1. This pays for the government to run
  2. The government is divided up into different branches to keep one group from having too much power. This is called the ____.
  3. Number of Supreme Court justices
  4. If convicted of a crime, you are ____, not innocent
  5. The ____ of Representatives is part of the legislative branch of government.
  6. DOE is the Department of ____
  7. When people vote it is called an _____
  8. What every citizen should do during elections
  9. States are usually divided into these
  10. President also called the father of the Constitution
  11. This cabinet department runs the military
  12. Washington D.C. is the ________ of the United States
  13. There are two of these congressional members from each state
  14. The country is divided into these


  1. The president's top 15 advisors
  2. The thirteenth amendment outlawed this
  3. Initials for the Executive Office of the President
  4. Leader of the executive branch
  5. A bill hopes to become this someday
  6. Freedom of speech amendment
  7. This document is the highest form of law in the United States
  8. How long you are elected for office
  9. The Judicial Branch has a Supreme one of these
  10. When the president won't sign in a law
  11. Where the president lives
  12. Person who presides over the court
  13. Another name for the legislative branch
  14. This department handles the national parks
  15. United States of _____
  16. Right not to testify against yourself amendment
  17. Number of amendments in the Bill of Rights
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