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American Revolution

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  1. Who Paul Revere said was coming!
  2. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of ______
  3. Hill where the Battle of Bunker Hill was mostly fought
  4. City for a good tea party
  5. Act that put a tax on all public documents
  6. Red, White, and _____
  7. Boston patriots Samuel and John
  8. The branch of the armed forces that fights at sea
  9. Title of the British ruler
  10. Color of the British coats
  11. First president of the United States
  12. Writer of the Declaration
  13. City where the first shot of the American Revolution was fired
  14. This John had a giant signature
  15. George Washington was general of the Continental ____
  16. How all men are created, according to the Declaration of Independence
  17. American patriots in Boston joined a group called the Sons of _____
  18. City where the treaty was signed between the United States and Britain


  1. The Declaration of _______
  2. German soldiers who fought for the British
  3. Stars and ____
  4. Group of American leaders representing the colonies
  5. Inventor, patriot, and ambassador, last name Franklin
  6. Place where the British surrendered
  7. US Flag designer, first name Betsy
  8. ____ Arnold was a traitor to the Americans
  9. European country that was an ally to the Americans
  10. River that Washington crossed on Christmas to surprise the British
  11. Number of American colonies who rebelled against the British
  12. Day of independence in July
  13. Militiamen leader at Lexington, Captain John _____
Go here for more information on the American Revolution.

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