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Animals - Reptiles and Amphibians

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  1. A baby turtle
  2. The largest reptile is the salt water ____
  3. Reptiles are ____- blooded
  4. They have shells
  5. A group of frogs
  6. Frogs and salamanders
  7. A baby frog
  8. Legless reptiles
  9. Rattlesnakes use this to kill their prey
  10. They have a wider snout than crocodiles
  11. Snake deliver venom through these
  12. The fastest snake is the _____ Mamba
  13. The largest amphibian is the Chinese Giant _____


  1. The world's heaviest snake is the Green _____
  2. Alligators, snakes, lizards, turtles
  3. Komodo ____
  4. Like snakes, but with legs
  5. Amphibians live the first part of their lives here
  6. Country where Komodo Dragons live
  7. A reptile's skin is covered with these
  8. Lizards and snakes smell with these
  9. Most reptiles lay these when having babies
  10. Amphibians can absorb air and water through this

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