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The Renaissance

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  1. Country where the Renaissance began
  2. His 95 Theses started the Reformation
  3. This invention helped astronomers learn about the planets and stars
  4. What most people considered to be the center of the universe
  5. Brunelleschi was famous for architecting the dome of the Cathedral of _______
  6. Despite their sophistication, most people still ate with these
  7. Perspective gives a painting the feeling of _____ dimensions
  8. He painted the Mona Lisa
  9. When objects block the light they create these. They were used by painters to add drama to their art.
  10. The Renaissance began near the end of this period
  11. The men of the Renaissance wore these on their legs


  1. This astronomer made many great discoveries including the moons of Jupiter
  2. Copernicus said this was the center of the universe
  3. This invention by Johannes Gutenberg changed the world
  4. The science of studying celestial bodies like the planets and stars
  5. This aspect of Renaissance art was different from the symbolism of art from the Middle Ages
  6. Artists and architects studied the Romans and the ____ to gain inspiration
  7. This sculptor, architect, and painter is famous for his frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
  8. Leonardo da Vinci is famous for his painting of Jesus in The Last _____
  9. King ____ VIII started the Church of England because the Catholic Church would not let him divorce his wife
  10. Sumptuary ____ made it clear what class of people could wear what types of clothes
  11. Philosophy that said life could be enjoyable and comfortable
  12. Jan van Eyck was known as the "Father of Oil _____"
  13. The scientific ____ was a way of using controlled experiments to prove or disprove a theory
  14. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael were part of a period of art called the ____ Renaissance
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