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Geography of Oceania and Southeast Asia

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  1. Major river that flows through China, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam
  2. Continent and largest country in Oceania
  3. Capital city of the Philippines
  4. Most populous city in Australia and home of the 2000 Summer Olympics
  5. Large island state off the coast of southeast Australia
  6. This island is home to parts of Indonesia and Malaysia as well as Brunei
  7. This island nation is the fourth most populous nation in the world
  8. The ____ Dividing Range stretches across much of eastern Australia
  9. In World War 2 the Battle of Guadalcanal took place on the Solomon ____
  10. The largest city in this country is Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon)
  11. Capital city of Australia


  1. The Komodo ____ is only found in Indonesia
  2. The ocean to the west of Oceania and Southeast Asia
  3. The South ___ Sea is located between Vietnam and the Philippines
  4. The capital of this country is Kuala Lumpur
  5. The world's largest coral reef system is found in the Coral Sea
  6. Papua New ____ shares a large island with part of Indonesia
  7. The capital of this country is Wellington
  8. Australia and New Zealand are sometimes called "Down ____"
  9. Hopping marsupial from Australia
  10. Capital city of Thailand
  11. Australia is located in the _____ hemisphere
  12. Ocean to the east of Oceania

Games >> Geography Games >> Crossword Puzzles

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