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Native Americans

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  1. Lakota, Eastern Dakota, and Western Dakota tribes make up this group
  2. Land set aside for Native Americans
  3. A group of Native Americans with similar culture and language
  4. Thorpe known as one of the world's greatest athletes
  5. Sacajawea helped explorers Lewis and ____
  6. The Navajo are famous for weaving these
  7. The people who first lived in the Americas before the Europeans arrived
  8. A home made from blocks of ice
  9. He helped the pilgrims
  10. The Iroquois lived in ___houses
  11. European explorer who thought the Native Americans were Indians
  12. Tribe known for its famous hairstyle where all but the hair down the middle was shaved off
  13. These were sometimes worn during religious ceremonies
  14. Navajo ____
  15. A tall wooden carving
  16. Seminole state
  17. The Navajo lived in these homes made of wooden poles and adobe clay
  18. The Hopi people lived in these homes made from adobe bricks and clay


  1. Native American clothes were often made from deer___ hides.
  2. A common decoration from a bird
  3. What the forced march of the Cherokees was later called
  4. Geronimo was chief of this tribe
  5. Soft leather shoe worn by Native Americans
  6. Where the Blackfoot, Arapaho, Crow, and Comanche lived
  7. Iroquois representatives went to the ____ Council
  8. ____ Bull was a famous Sioux Chief
  9. A type of corn grown by Native Americans
  10. Large animal hunted on the Great Plains
  11. Inuit state
  12. She helped Captain John Smith
  13. The Cherokee were forced to move from the Southeast to this state
  14. This Native American home was easy to pick up and move
  15. ___ and arrow
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