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Money and Finance

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  1. This helps you plan how to spend your money
  2. The rate that prices are going up
  3. Fake money
  4. A group of stocks you can buy is called a mutual ____
  5. It represents ownership in a company
  6. Money you put into the bank
  7. Money the government takes
  8. Standard currency of the European Union
  9. Law of ___ and demand
  10. It is worth 25 cents
  11. The amount of money you make by working or investing
  12. He wrote The Wealth of Nations about the free market system


  1. Standard currency of the United States
  2. They make loans and accept deposits
  3. You borrow this from the bank
  4. What you owe
  5. When someone uses your personal information to steal, it's called ___ theft
  6. A system or type of money
  7. What you pay for borrowing money
  8. A precious metal that people often invest in
  9. The place where they make coins
  10. When you sign a check you _____ it
  11. Good to have if you wreck your car or if your house catches fire
  12. What you have after expenses are subtracted from income
  13. Capitalism or the free ____
  14. A credit ___ is a common way to pay for things

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