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The Middle Ages

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  1. A boy who worked for a master craftsman for free for seven years
  2. Another name for the Lord's home or castle
  3. Wars fought for control over Jerusalem and the Holy Land
  4. The hundred _____ war was fought between England and France.
  5. Document signed by King John of England that gave the people some rights and said the king was not above the law
  6. A place where monks lived
  7. The ____ Death was a disease that killed many people in Europe
  8. The head of a monastery or abbey
  9. The top ruler of the land
  10. Leader of the Catholic Church
  11. The Ottoman _____ captured the city of Constantinople
  12. They invaded northern Europe on longships from Scandinavia
  13. The main subject of art in the Middle Ages


  1. The Devine ____ was written by Dante Alighieri
  2. The first part of the Middle Ages is sometimes called the _____ Ages.
  3. Viking _____ Eriksson discovered North America hundreds of years before Columbus
  4. Another name for peasants or commoners
  5. The symbol of the crusaders was a ____ cross.
  6. A wooden or stone fort that served as home for a Lord or King
  7. Important church in Europe during the Middle Ages
  8. A water ditch dug around the outside of a castle
  9. He was leader of the Franks and the Holy Roman Emperor who became the founding father of the German and French monarchies
  10. An association of craftsmen
  11. This nineteen year old French girl became a military hero before being executed by the British
  12. The time between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance
  13. Another name for the Eastern Roman Empire
  14. This Crusade was led by Richard the Lionheart of England
  15. The _____ System was the main form of government during the Middle Ages
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