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Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  1. His last speech is often titled "I've been to the ____"
  2. City where Martin led a famous boycott against riding the bus
  3. College Martin attended in Atlanta, GA
  4. He wrote the "Letter from the ____ Jail" in 1963
  5. He attended _____ T. Washington High School
  6. I have a ____
  7. He opposed the US involvement in the war in this country
  8. His organization was called the Southern ____ Leadership Conference
  9. He studied the philosophies of Indian peacemaker Mohandas _____
  10. Civil ____
  11. Month of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


  1. _____- American civil rights movement
  2. King began a campaign in 1968 to help these people who had little money
  3. King won the ____ Peace Prize in 1964
  4. She sat on the bus in Alabama and refused to give up her seat
  5. His initials
  6. _____ Earl Ray assassinated King
  7. Martin preached this peaceful strategy while protesting
  8. State where Martin Luther King, Jr. was born
  9. He marched on ____ in 1963
  10. President's home where King witnessed the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1963
  11. City in Tennessee where Martin was assassinated
  12. Martin's wife was _____ Scott King
  13. He fought for equal rights for people of any ____
  14. Occupation of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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