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Animals - Mammals

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  1. The largest land mammal
  2. Giant ____, black and white bear
  3. These tall mammals have long necks and live in the African savanna
  4. Horses, elephants, humans, dogs
  5. Mammals feed their babies this
  6. Mammals are not dumb, they are ___
  7. The ___ bear is the largest land predator in the world
  8. The largest mammal, it lives in the ocean
  9. Herbivores eat these
  10. The _____ dog is not really a dog but a type of rodent
  11. The rhino is famous for this


  1. Carnivores eat this
  2. Foal, colt, filly, stallion, mare
  3. Males are called boomers, females are called flyers, they live in groups called mobs
  4. Monotremes are mammals that lay these
  5. They eat both plants and meat
  6. _____ mammals live in the ocean
  7. A baby dog
  8. A group of lions
  9. Orca, bottlenose
  10. All mammals have fur or ____
  11. Mammals that fly, vampire
  12. A group of dolphins
  13. Marsupials carry their babies in this
  14. Mammals are ____ - blooded

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