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Islamic Empire

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  1. The Rashidun Caliphate had this many Caliphs
  2. Gold coin used during the Islamic Empire
  3. Ibn ____ was famous for traveling much of the known world during his lifetime
  4. Founder of Islam
  5. Modern city in Iraq that was once capital of the Abbasid Caliphate
  6. A person who is a follower of Islam
  7. Islamic places of worship
  8. These people move about the desert looking for new pastures and water for their animals
  9. Five ___ of Islam
  10. Sacred holy book of Islam
  11. The Islamic government
  12. A tower that is used to call Muslims to prayer
  13. Many merchants travelled the deserts in these large groups using camels to carry their goods


  1. This caliphate ruled after the First Four Caliphs
  2. The Hajj is a type of this
  3. The most holy month of the Islamic calendar
  4. Arab decoration using scrolling patterns
  5. This empire ruled from Constantinople for many years
  6. Suleiman the ____ is known for expanding the Ottoman Empire well into Europe
  7. Al-Andalus today
  8. The Arabs fought the Europeans in the Crusades for control of this city
  9. Saladin captured Jerusalem from them
  10. The Abbasid Caliphate is sometimes called the ___ Age of Islam
  11. Most holy city of Islam
  12. Muslims from the northern region of this continent are often called Moors

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