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Industrial Revolution

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  1. Where breaker boys worked
  2. A type of cloth or woven fabric
  3. Invented by Alexander Graham Bell
  4. An organization of workers to help protect worker's rights
  5. _____ Revolution
  6. James ___ used the term "horsepower" to describe the power of his new steam engine
  7. Locomotives, tracks, trains
  8. The Bessemer ___ helped make cheap steel
  9. ____ gin
  10. When these became interchangeable, it made repairs much easier


  1. ___ labor is when young children worked in factories and other jobs
  2. These girls became sick dipping wooden sticks into dangerous chemicals
  3. Canal that connected the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
  4. When workers refused to work
  5. Working ___ were sometimes very dangerous during the Industrial Revolution
  6. Newsies sold these on the streets in big cities
  7. This Robert ran the first successful commercial steamboat
  8. Country where the Industrial Revolution first began
  9. This kind of engine helped to power the Industrial Revolution
  10. The Industrial Revolution in the United States began at Slater's ____
  11. This system used powered machinery and the division of labor to mass-produce products at a single location
  12. The ____ Mill Girls worked in Massachusetts

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